Combat Survival Guide

The Turn


  • Joker = +2 to all Trait Tests and damage in a round.
  • Holding a turn lasts until another deal-in. Interrupt by rolling an opposed Agility roll.
  • Surprise means victims must each roll Notice. Anyone who fails starts on Hold.

Characters may perform multiple Standard Actions in a turn, but for each one added, a -2 penalty to the trait rolls. No duplicate actions.

Tricks and Tests of Will

Tests of Will are opposed Skill vs Ability Rolls. If successful, the character or an ally gets +2 to the next action taken against the enemy. On a raise, the target is shaken.

  • Taunt vs Smarts
  • Intimidate vs Spirit

Tricks are opposed Ability vs Ability rolls. If successful, the target takes a -2 penalty to its Parry until its next action. On a raise, the target is shaken.

  • Smarts vs Smarts
  • Agility vs Agility

Damage and Defense

If damage exceeds target’s Toughness+Armor, the target is Shaken.

  • If target was already Shaken, he is wounded. Each additional raise is a Wound.
  • Each Wound inflicts a -1 penalty to Trait Rolls.
  • Shaken characters snap out of it on a Sucessful spirit roll on their turn, but can’t take actions unless they score a raise.

Soak: Spend a benny to roll Vigor when damaged. Success and each raise reduce wounds by 1.

Defense – Increases Parry +2. May not use another Standard Action.
Prone – Medium cover against Ranged. Parry -2. Fighting -2. Getting up from prone is a free action but places a -2 penalty to any Running rolls on the same turn.


Drawing a weapon – Agility roll if drawing from a difficult location and taking another action

Melee attack – Fighting vs. Parry.

  • +1 for each adjacent ally.
  • +2 if enemy is unarmed.
  • -2 if Off-hand Weapon
  • +1d6 dmg on a raise (capped at 1).

Flurry Attack – Three Melee attacks at -4

Wild Attack – Adds +2 to Fighting and Damage rolls, but leaves the character -2 Parry until next turn. Optimal in 1v1.

Two-Weapon attack – Only way to Duplicate the attack action.

  • Standard -2 multi-action penalty applies
  • Don’t forget -2 for Off-hand if you don’t have an edge to counter it.

Melee Disarm – Melee Attack at -2.

  • Additional -1 if Non-lethal.
  • Defender makes a Strength roll vs. the Damage. If lower, the defender drops his weapon.

Push – Opposed STR roll.

  • + 2 for running start.
  • 1 Forced Movement for each Success/Raise OR knock target prone.
  • 1d6 dmg for each remaining movement if the target hits an Obstacle.
  • STR+1/2/3 damage if the Pusher is wielding a Small/Medium/Large Shield.

Grapple – Opposed Fighting Roll. If successful, target is Grappled.

  • If Raised, target is Shaken.
  • Grappled victims take -4 penalty to all rolls except escaping.
  • Choke – Damage a Grapple victim by rolling an opposed STR/AGI roll. Damage roll = STR die + 1d6 on a raise (capped at 1).
  • Break out by rolling opposed STR/AGI. On a raise, the escapee can act normally.

Ranged Attacks

Drawing a weapon – Agility roll if drawing from a difficult location and taking another action.

Ranged attack – Shooting/Throwing/Spellcast > TN4. -0/-2/-4 Range penalties

  • Bow/Bolt/Blind/Stun Range: 2/4/8 Zones
  • Thrown Range: 0/1/2 Zones
  • -1/-2/-4 Cover Penalties.
  • -1/-2/4 Darkness penalties.
  • +1d6 dmg on raise (capped at 1).
  • Missing a shot with a 1 on the Skill die means a random character in Melee was hit.
  • Penalties are halved with Farsight.

Volley Attack – Each additional arrow nocked on the bow adds -2 to the shot penalty

Ranged Disarm – Ranged attack at -2

  • Additional -2 Penalty if non-lethal (targeting the weapon)
  • Defender makes a Strength roll vs. the Damage. If lower, the defender drops his weapon.

Aim – Spend a full round standing still. +2 to the next ranged attack.

Called Shot – Target a specific location for a damage bonus (see pg 71)

Ranged Spells

  • Range 12/24/48 = 2/4/8
  • Range 3/6/12 = 0/1/2
  • A power’s “Smarts” range 0 with a Smarts die of 1d4-1d6, and 1 with 1d10/1d12
  • A power’s “Smartsx2” range is d4=1, d6=2, d8=3, d12=4.
  • A power’s “Smartsx3” range is d4=2, d8=4, d12=6.
  • Small Burst Template: Covers either a single character or all characters within a melee in a zone.
  • Medium Burst Template: Covers an entire zone.
  • Large Burst Template: Covers both a zone and an adjacent zone.
  • Cone Template: 1 Target in caster’s zone. 1 Small Burst in the same zone, or an adjacent one.
  • Jet Template: 1 Small burst in the caster’s zone. 1 target in the same zone, or an adjacent one.
  • Grenade dispersion: Missing grenades or Blasts deviate by 1 zone to an adjacent zone determined randomly.

Preparation – Spend a full round aiming a spell. +2 to the roll, and only Backlash on Snake Eyes.

Combat Survival Guide

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