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Welcome to the Horn

Campaign Resources

Character Creation
Extra Edges and Hindrances
Combat House Rules
Combat Survival Guide (Useful for reminders if you’re not sure what your options are)
Combat Flow Chart (Clarifies the attack process)

Arcane Backgrounds

Magic and Religion in the Horn
Divine Magic
Free Magic

Regions of the Horn

Campaign Map

Skevania – The Spine
Myrkvold – The Black Forest
Valcanisp – The White Maw
Kettilrick – The Cauldron
Suttermark – The Southern Marches

Maltiria – Seat of the God-Empress


The Lady of Storms – (Recommended for Clerics/Paladins)
The Oleander Coterie – (Recommended for Druids/rangers)
The Rune Totem – (Recommended for Shamans/Warriors)
The Bloodfire Pact – (Recommended for Berserkers/Warlords/Fire Mages)
The Eternal Keg – (Recommended for Bards)
The Searing Dawn – (Recommended for Clerics/Paladins)

Main Page

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