Skevania - The Spine

Region: The Spine – named after a legend that speaks of the archipelago’s islands being formed from the spine of a great leviathan – is a cluster of islands off the northwest shore of the Horn. Its landscape varies greatly depending on the season, from lush green sheep pastures, to barren frozen peaks. It is relatively peaceful land where women are free to raise farms and families, as clansmen rarely do battle on Skevania’s shores – preferring to raid the villages of other nations, and settling their internal disputes on the seas.

Capital City: Havrfjord – Located on the innermost shore of a bay that cuts into largest isle in Skevania, Havrfjord is a haven for the hardy sailors and warriors that traverse the Spine. In the summer, Havrfjord is a quiet village populated primarily by crafters and their apprentices. The Shieldmaidens use this time to train their acolytes, and . In the winter, The Season of Gales, the sailors return, ships laden with plunder, and squander their riches on great feasts and drunken orgies. During the Gales, merchants from across the Spine travel to Havrfjord to sell their wares, and clan leaders summon their blooming daughters from their scattered villages in hopes of marrying them off to the men who proved themselves most worthy during the raids. Currying favor with Named Men is essential if one wishes to be invited to the most powerful warbands.

Ruler: Cockerel – Old Proud and Punctual, Cockerel is a sea captain who rarely misses an occasion where he is expected. Though he had earned a Name well before he had earned a ship, he grew into the honorific by developing a reputation for leading morning raids on the villages of the Sutterlands with the regularity of a rooster’s crow. Cockerel is a tactical, yet opportunistic leader, though it is whispered that the most strategic decision he ever made was his marriage to Lysandra The Dame.

The Dame, sometimes called The Grim Dame, sits the throne of Skevania, and is well known for her overwhelming sense dignity, and zealous faith to Valkyr. She is well liked by her people for taking all matters seriously, despite the status of the people who bring them before her. On the days when her King returns to the throne, she retires to Valkyr Keep to assist with training the Shieldmaidens herself. Her stiff personality, the fact that she rarely stays long around her husband, and the absence of an heir, lead some to believe that The Dame’s faith is so strong, that for all of Cockerel’s bragging, she has yet to break her vow of virgin-hood even after leaving the formal ranks of the Shieldmaidens.
Banner Colors: Light Blue, White, Gold – Insignia of a golden sun rising over a blue ocean.
Clan Name: House Morningstar

Governing Body: The Ivory Lodge – Sitting proudly on the highest point of Havrfjord, the Ivory Lodge is a breathtaking arched hall made of enormous whale bones. Though it looks crude from afar, as one looks at the bones up close, one can see intricate series of engravings carved into the wall that depict the history of the Skevani people.

A Queen sits on the throne of the Ivory lodge for most of the year, attended by Shieldmaidens and scholars who help her manage the day-to-day matters brought forth by the clans – though this mostly amounts to little more than managing the bureaucracies of border disputes between clans and villages. Though the queen is not a virgin, she is considered an honorary Shieldmaiden.

When the King returns in the winter with his Carls, the Shieldmaidens and scholars retire to their own institutions, and the men take over the building. There effectively is little difference between the boisterous feasts of celebration, and the Clansmoots by which the men decide important matters of foreign policy (namely, where to raid next, and possibly whom to spare this time around).

Patrons (in order of influence): The Lady of Storms, The Rune Totem, The Eternal Keg, The Bloodfire Pact

Foreign Policy
Myrkvold: Friendly – Enjoy a lucrative trade alliance
Valcanisp: Neutral – Too distant to care much about each other
Kettelrick: Enemies – Ideologically opposed
Suttermark: Enemies – Skevani raid the Suttermark’s shores regularly

Skevania - The Spine

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