The Bloodfire Pact

Spells: Armor, Barrier, Beast Friend, Blast, Bless/Curse, Blind, Bolt, Boost/Lower, Burst, Concentrate, Damage Field, Darksight, Deflection, Dispel, Divination, Draining Touch, Elemental Manipulation, Fear, Havoc, Jet, Light, Obscure, Pummel, Quickness, Smite, Speed, Stun, Succor, Warrior’s Gift.
Trappings: Fire, smoke, blood, rage
On a raise…
Fire: Spend a benny to bypass 2 points of Armor on the target
Smoke: Spend a benny to have the target suffer a -1 penalty to any vision-based Trait Rolls while the power is active.
Dread: Spend a benny to make the target roll a Spirit check. If the target fails, he is Shaken. On a natural 1, he rolls on the Fright table for an additional effect.

Minor Sin: A Follower who has drawn a weapon may not sheathe it or willingly drop it until it has been soaked in blood. Sacrificing one’s own blood to quench it requires 1 Wound.
Minor Sin: A Follower may not turn down a challenge to single combat.
Major Sin: A Follower takes no prisoners, and may not show mercy to a combatant who has engaged in combat with him. He may choose to spare any who have not drawn a weapon, however.
Mortal Sin: A Follower may not willingly fight on the side of any army whose intent is to destroy the Bloodfire temple. While he may side with a usurper who wishes to take the Cauldron, the usurper must prove himself loyal to the Bloodfire.
Heretics Free Mages, Ashseer, Cultists, Shieldbearers of the Lady of Storms. Slaying a Heretic (and destroying his spellbook) refills a Follower’s Power Point bar to full, and forgives any prior sins.


The members of the Bloodfire Pact make no pretense about who their patron is. Like Valkyr in the North, Ingvar Bloodfire is a mortal ascended to godhood, openly enshrined in defiance to any challengers who would try to get past his deadly guards. Presiding over a bloody arena at the center of a crater turned military Citadel, few truly who Ingvar Bloodfire once was. Anyone who might have lived to tale of his ascension perished in the fiery maelstrom that marked the first day of his dominion. Ingvar is the second-youngest patron in the Horn, predated by the the Lady of Storms, the Coterie, and the Rune Shamans. But there are scant records of his participation in the Battle of the Crater, and he is not the type of patron to favor the inquisitive scholarly type of disciples.

Hundreds of years have passed, and many tribes have held the Cauldron, but Bloodfire’s shrine has remained throughout. Sometimes the ruling clan of the Citadel rejects his teachings, reducing his membership to but a few fervent guardians at his temple. Other rulers – such as our present one, Hells-eye Hrogaar – embrace the Bloodfire Pact as a core part of their society.

It is said that the Bloodfire feasts on broken bone and drinks the blood spilled by his disciples. Others say he was little more than a paranoid megalomaniac who stumbled into Ascension, and is trying to desperately cling to life the only way a barbarian knows how. Few people accept the gift of the Bloodfire without being insane in their own right, of course. There are some who see the act of communion with the Bloodfire as a necessary evil, and try to repress the rage burning in their bellies unless facing a true life-or-death situation. Since the rise of Hells-eye Hrogaar, many young warriors have been drafted into the Pact as part of their training. Young Ashseers are sometimes said to posses The Rage from birth, and may join the ranks of the Bloodfire if they wish – but few are going to go out of their way to coddle and recruit them. An Ashseer in the Citadel may be thrown to fight in the Arena, only offered the chance to join the Pact if he survives its trials.

The Bloodfire Pact

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