The Oleander Coterie

Spells: Armor, Barrier, Beast Friend, Blast, Bless/Curse, Blind, Bolt, Boost, Burrow, Burst, Concentrate, Damage Field, Darksight, Deflection, Divination, Draining Touch, Elemental Manipulation, Entangle, Environmental Protection, Farsight, Fly, Greater Healing, Havoc, Healing, Intangibility, Light, Jet, Obscure, Pummel, Quickness, Shape Change, Sluggish Reflexes, Slumber, Smite, Speed, Stun, Succor, Summon Ally, Warrior’s Gift,
Trappings: Plants, Insect, Animals, Acid, Stone

On a raise…
Acid: the target permanently loseS a point of armor.
Earth: rattle the target, reducing its parry by 2 while the power is active.
Insect: bypass 2 points of Armor on the target

The Warden’s Code:

Minor: A Warden carries a pouch of seeds with him at all times. A warden may not hunt for sport, and may not eat the flesh an animal more than three times a week. When a Warden slays an animal, a tree must be planted at the site of the killing. If this is not possible, the bones of the animal must be kept until they can be buried near the site of a planting.
Major: A Warden may not disobey a command from a superior in the Coterie. Every 24 hours, a Warden is visited by a carrier bird from the Myrkvold. The Warden must send the bird back with a message containing his current location, destination, and purpose. Sometimes, the bird will return with orders from the Coterie. Often, the order will simply be questions for more information, but tasks may very well be far more demanding.
Major: If a Warden encounters a Heretic who has come of age, he must either kill them within 24 hours, or report the location of the target to the Coterie. If the Heretic is underage, the child must be reported so that the Coterie may induct him into the order.
Mortal: A warden may not hunt for sport or willfully destroy a forest or natural area.
Heretics: Free Mages, Ashseers, Cultists. Eliminating a Heretic erases any penalties from prior sins.


The thing to keep in mind about the History of the clans of the Horn is that there are very few historians to keep track of it. And of those that exist, most of them belong to the Coterie. The history of the Coterie, then, is whatever they wish it to be, and right now, its members rarely feel like answering those questions. There are rumors that the Coterie has existed for thousands of years in some form, or another, that they have spies at the side of every Jarl on the Horn, that they worship the last living Old God, that their initiation rituals turn one into a werewolf, that they are secretly working with the empire to bring about the downfall of the north. Ask a Coterie member what his motivations are, and he will simply tell you that his loyalty is to the Heart of the Forest, Myrkvold and its people – and that his power comes from the spirit of the forest itself.

The Coterie is not evangelical in the sense that they demand worship for any particular patron from outsiders. They simply argue for all people to maintain a healthy respect for nature and its creatures, and for all Northmen to hold true to their roots in the face of the corrupting influence of “civilization”. The Coterie is organized according to a strict hierarchy, and information on the cell’s internal activities at each level is kept highly protected from each level below. Every Coterie member reports to an Alpha, and is charged with obeying his or her orders. The Alpha may also place additional restrictions on subordinates – such as forbidden spells, habits, or relationships – if he believes the subordinate will grow to become a more capable servant of the Heart of the Forest.

Coterie members are not all druids, in fact, the Coterie believes in keeping the talents of their packs balanced across of an array of valuable skills. Some only use a narrow field of magic to aid them in martial battle, others are skilled thieves and assassins, while others yet are simple craftsmen. Many Coterie members go on to become travelers, advisers, ambassadors, and recorders of contracts. This wide variety of specializations allows the Coterie to spread its influence far across the Horn.

The Oleander Coterie

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