The Searing Dawn

Spells: Analyze Foe, Armor, Banish, Barrier, Blast, Bless/Curse, Blind, Bolt, Boost/Lower, Burst, Concentrate, Damage Field, Deflection, Detect/Conceal Arcana, Dispel, Divination, Farsight, Greater Healing, Healing, Intangibility, Jet, Light, Mind Reading, Smite, Stun, Succor, Summon Ally, Warrior’s Gift.
Trappings: Divine Light (free spirit roll against shaken), Fire (ignite flammable), Purity

On a raise…
Fire: Bypass 2 points of Armor on the target
Sanctuary: Grant the target +2 Armor while the spell is in effect.

The Dawnbringer’s Code

Minor: A Dawnbringer must never be ashamed of what he is. Introductions to strangers must be made with “Sun’s Blessings” or a similar greeting. Disguises are not necessarily forbidden, as long as the disguise persona is also a Dawnbringer and introduces himself as one. The greeting can be skipped if the Dawnbringer is wearing an icon that identifies him, such as a medallion or patch.
Major: Dawnbringers are not mandated to provide healing, but they cannot turn away a victim of contageous disease without attempting to purify him first. Keep in mind that the definition of “Purification” is very flexible. It can mean casting Greater Healing, or securing quarantined housing for the victim, or finding the cause of the disease and eliminating it, or killing the infected.
Major: Dawnbringers see Heretics as a form of disease and are compelled to purify them. Greater Healing can be used to sever a Ashseer’s magical connection, but a failed roll will kill the Ashseer. Free Mages have chosen to be what they are, and must be eliminated before corrupting others.

The Searing Dawn

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