Extra Edges and Hindrances

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You won’t find these in the Core Savage Worlds book, but these edges and hindrances pulled from other official SW settings may give your character more options.


Armour Proficiency
Requirements: Novice
You’re used to the weight and feel of armour, and therefore reduce all armour penalties by 1 point. This edge may be taken up to 4 times.

Requirements: Seasoned, Block, medium or large shield
This Edge allows a hero to defend a comrade so long as the hero is using a medium or large shield. Attacks against one character adjacent to the hero suffer modifiers based on the hero’s shield type. If there are multiple heroes with this Edge adjacent to a character or the target has his own shield, only the best modifier applies. A hero adjacent to multiple allies must declare which one he is protecting at the start of his turn. The hero also keeps his shield modifier if he is attacked.

Requirements: Seasoned, Strength d8+
Any hand or ranged weapon in the hands of a character with this Edge ignores 1 point of armor (in addition to any AP the weapon has). This Edge applies against all forms of armor, whether natural or crafted.

Improved Sunder
Requirements: Veteran, Sunder
As above, except the character ignores 2 points of

War Cry
Requirements: Seasoned
When used, the character may make an Intimidation roll against all targets in an area (as opposed to a single victim as usual). Place the edge of a Large Burst Template adjacent to the character. Every creature, friend and foe, within the circle must roll against the hero’s Intimidation total.

Mighty Shot
Requirements: Veteran, Strength d8+, Shooting d10+
The hero has learned how to use his full strength with a bow. The character calculates damage with his bow as Str+d6, instead of a flat 2d6. Mighty shot does not work with crossbows or other
ranged weapons—only with bows and long bows.

Mighty Throw
Requirements: Veteran, Strength d8+, Throwing d10+
The hero has learned special throwing techniques. He increases the range brackets of thrown weapons by 1/2/4. He also treats his Strength as being one die type higher (max d12+2) when using thrown weapons at targets within short range.

Wall of Steel
Requirements: Veteran, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+, Notice d8+
The character has the perception, skill, and agility to handle multiple foes. Opponents gain no Gang Up bonus against the hero.


Tricky Fighter
Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+, Agility or Smarts d8+
You suffer no MAP when using a Trick in the same round as a Fighting attack. You must choose which type of Trick this Edge applies to (Agility or Smarts) and must have a d8 in that Attribute. You may take this Edge twice to apply it to both kinds of Tricks.

Close Fighting
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+
This Edge is for skilled knife-fighters who pride themselves on defeating their opponents up close and personal. Close fighters move inside most weapons’ reach, adding a bonus to his Parry equal to the enemy weapon’s Reach +1 for that particular foe. No bonus is granted if the foe is unarmed or using a knife or other small weapon.

Improved Close Fighting
Requirements: Novice, Close Fighting
Close fighters train to go for vital areas and weak spots for quick and lethal kills.
The attacker adds +1 to his Fighting roll equal to his enemy’s Reach +1.

Dirty Fighter
Requirements: Seasoned
There is no honor among thieves. Those with this Edge will do anything to win out in a
fight. This scoundrel is particularly good at tricks. He adds +2 to all Trick maneuver rolls.

Really Dirty Fighter
Requirements: Seasoned, Dirty Fighter
The knave is extremely skilled in tactical deceit. By describing the trick and spending a benny, he may automatically get the drop on any single opponent.

Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+
An entangle is a combination of a disarm and a grapple which leaves the enemy at a disadvantage but still allows the character to attack.
The character makes a Disarm attack (see page 76), but if he succeeds he has entangled his foe’s weapon arm rather than disarming him. He may have wrapped the arm in a cloak, or simply locked his opponent’s elbow against his body using his arm. The entangled foe counts as an Unarmed
Defender (unless he has two weapons) and cannot Withdraw from Combat (see page 80).
Unlike a grapple, however, the character may continue to use a one-handed weapon against
his enemy while he has him entangled. On his next action, the enemy may try to escape the entanglement as per breaking a grapple (see page 77).

Requirements: Novice, Fighting d8+
A lunge allows a swordsman to extend the reach of his weapon. The character gains +1 Reach to his weapon. He may not use this Edge with First Strike, Frenzy, or Sweep.

Requirements: Seasoned, First Strike, Fighting d8+
A riposte is a combination of a swift parry followed by a quick attack. Once per round, the character receives a free Fighting attack against one foe within reach of his weapon who failed a Fighting attack against him. This attack is made at –2.
A riposte must be a straight attack (so no Disarm, Wild Attack, or other maneuvers) and may not be combined with Frenzy or Sweep. It may be used with the Defend maneuver (but not the Full Defense maneuver).

Improved Riposte
Requirements: Veteran, Riposte
As above, except the character may make a free attack with no penalty.


Spell Finesse
Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background, arcane skill d8+, Knowledge (Arcana) d8+
The hero is particularly adept with one spell. This Edge may be chosen once per advancement. Each
time he picks this Edge he may pick one of the options below and apply it to one spell he knows. Each option may only be picked once per individual spell, but the same option can be applied to different spells and different different options can be given to the same spell. For instance,
a mage can take an increased Wild Die and AP 2 for his bolt spell, but he cannot take AP 2 twice.

  • Arcane: The hero increases his arcane skill Wild Die by one die type when casting the spell.
  • Armor Penetration: A damaging spell has AP 2. This counts against Armor provided by Arcane Resistance and stacks with any other similar bonus, such as an acid trapping.
  • Heavy Weapon: A damaging spell counts as a Heavy Weapon. It does not gain any AP value.
  • Range: The hero treats his relevant attribute as one step higher for the purpose of determining the spell’s Range. Fixed range spells (such as bolt) have their range increased by 2/4/8. Touch and Self spells are unaffected by this ability.
  • Selective: When casting a spell with a template effect, the caster decides who is and isn’t affected, to a maximum of half his arcane skill die. For instance, a mage with an arcane skill of d8 can drop a blast over a group of allies and foes and cause no damage to four of his comrades.

Strong Caster
Requirements: Seasoned, Arcane Background,
The character is adept at channeling raw magical essence.
A character with this Edge reduces the initial Casting Modifier of all spells by 1, to a maximum of zero. For instance, a spell with a Casting Modifier of –2 would give just a –1 penalty to this hero.

Improved Strong Caster
Requirements: Heroic, Strong Caster
As above, except the penalty to the Casting Modifier is reduced by 2 (to a maximum of zero).

Requirements: Seasoned, Arcane Background (Any), Smarts d6+, Spirit d6+, Vigor d6+
The hero knows how to maintain concentration in adverse conditions. He has +2 to resist disruption from any source.

Improved Concentration
Requirements: Veteran, Concentration
As above, except the bonus increases to +4.

Requirements: Seasoned, Arcane Background ( Any), Spirit d6+, arcane skill d8+
Wielding arcane power has its drawbacks, but some people learn to keep their focus even when things don’t go right. If a character with this Edge is Shaken as a result of failing to invoke a spell, he gets an immediate Spirit roll at –2 to recover.

Improved Focus
Requirements: Heroic, Focus
As above, except the roll does not incur the –2 penalty.


Branded (minor)
The character was caught committing a crime at some point in the past. He escaped the noose but received a brand labeling him a criminal. He suffers –2 Charisma because of the brand and the social stigma associated with it.

Dependent (major)
Your hero has someone to whom he is completely devoted, and he will do anything to protect them. This may be his wife or sweetheart, one of his children, or even a pet or follower. The Dependent is a Novice Rank character, and while scrappy in her own right, just isn’t up to par with English musketry, or any other soldiers. For whatever reason, this doesn’t stop the dependent from getting involved frequently. She constantly requires saving, reveals secrets, or otherwise causes your hero no end of grief. Of course, every now and then, they might just save the hero’s life as well, but such instances should be rare.

If the Dependent ever dies, your hero is grief-stricken for the rest of the campaign. He receives only one benny at the beginning of each game session (but Luck and other bonuses apply normally). Relief comes only after ultimate revenge. He cannot simply fight the one who murdered his dependent, he must hunt them down and kill them, and then only after making them pay. Only when honor is satisfied, and bloody justice has been done, is the benny restriction lifted and
the Hindrance “bought off.”

God Cursed (Major)
Your past actions have offended one of the Patrons. Any beneficial spells cast upon you by that Patron’s clerics, automatically fail. Harmful spells cast by the god’s priests do an extra +2 damage. Opposed spells cast by the priest gain a +2 bonus to affect you. Arcane Resistance offers no defense against powers invoked by the chosen deity’s followers.

This Hindrance can, at the GM’s discretion, be removed after a suitably lengthy and arduous quest to appease the offended deity.

While the character may have his own plans, he ultimately serves another power and is expected to
follow orders when they are issued. A hero with this Hindrance may be an agent for a noble, a soldier in the Iron Guild, or a mercenary under contract, for instance.

Extra Edges and Hindrances

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