We will be using Weapons and Armor created according to the rules in the Savage Armoury mod.

This does present an opportunity for players to craft their own unique weapons, but if you just want to get started, there is a list of premade weapons on page 9.

Crafting an item costs 1/2 of its original cost in raw materials, and requires a number of rolls at TN>4 equal to its complexity. The complexity of an item is equal to its raw market value divided by 50$. So a sword that costs 1000$ has Complexity 20, and takes 20 successes/raises to craft. The character need only take an hour out of his day to make a roll, but may only make one roll per day. A failed roll sets the crafting process back by 1 roll. A 1 on the crafting die sets it back by two. A Snake Eyes breaks the item and the process must start over.

Crafting near a “Station” such as an Anvil, Workbench, Loom, or something similar reduces the Target Number to 3.

Repairing an item is handled similar to crafting it. It requires no extra material cost, and starts out only a few rolls away from completion, depending on the damage and complexity of the item.


Selling items to NPC’s normally yields 50% of the total price. Therefore, buying raw materials and crafting them into weapons to sell in the market is going to depend on your bargaining ability.

Mercantile rolls can be used to adjust the price of an item (buying or selling) by 15% for each success/raise. Streetwise, Persuasion, Deception, and Intimidate adjust the price by 5% for each success/raise. Remember that Streetwise, Intimidate, and Deception can each backfire and do the opposite effect on a failure. They can also backfire dramatically on Critical Failures.

Using Craft to “Polish up” a looted item (they’re usually pretty banged up) can also add 10% in your favor.

For any particular item, you can only make 1 Mercantile roll in a town per week. That means no running across the street selling each vendor’s items to each other. But if you are heading to a new town, it may be worth it to bring bulk supplies with you to sell.


As far as armor goes,

A full set of standard armor costs:
Light – 100
Medium – 400
Heavy – 900

For partial armour, the body represents 40% of the price, the legs represent 30%, the arms 20% and the head 10%.

If you are low on cash, but want to start out with heavy armor, the best option will be to only buy the torso, which would cost 360.

Armor for other parts of the body only come into play on a called shot, such as a Disarm, or a Head Shot, and you don’t need to worry about them so much. Until you do.


Divide your Strength by 2 to determine your carrying capacity. This is how many “Big Items” you can carry.

A Big Item is one that weighs roughly 5-14 pounds, and you can carry a number of such items equal to half your Strength without penalty.

Particularly heavy items may count as two or more significant items; divide their weight in pounds by 10 and round to the nearest whole number to determine how many items they count as. If you’re carrying a lot of small items, they may collectively be classified as a significant item, at the GM’s discretion.

Mundane Items

Mundane Items can be found below. Ask the GM for a full description, or look them up in Fantasy Companion:

Adventuring Gear
Alchemists’ trunk $1000 BIG
Backpack $25
Bedroll $25
Blanket $10
Candle $1
Crowbar $10
Flask (ceramic) $5
Flask (metal) $10
Flint and steel $3
Grappling hook $50
Hammer $10
Lantern $25
Lockpicks $100
Oil (1 pint) $2
Parchment (per sheet) $1
Rope (10”) $10 BIG
Pick or Shovel $5 BIG
Saddle $10 BIG
Soap $1
Spikes (10) $10 BIG
Torch $5
Whistle $2
Waterskin $5
Whetstone $5
Winter Boots $50

Arrow/bolt, Standard 1/2$
Arrow/bolt, Armor-piercing (AP2) 1$
Arrow/bolt, Fleshripper (DMG+2) 1$
Arrow/bolt, Signaling 2$

Special Items
Tome of Learning $1,000 per Rank
Tome of lore (1 to +3) 500$ per point
Tome of lore (
4 to +6) 2,000$ per point
Herbal remedy 50$
Spell Scroll/Alchemical Device 150$/Rank

Normal clothing $20
Formal clothing $60
Tailored clothing $100+
Winter clothes $35

Average meal $10
Cheap meal $5
Expensive meal $15+
1 week’s rations $25
1 day’s water (1 quart) $1

Trained Animals
Hawk $200+
Horse $250
Hunting dog $100+
Mule $150
War dog $150+

Bath $2
Meal, cheap $1
Meal, good $3
Meal, feast $5
Room (shared with 6) $2
Room (double) $4
Room (private) $8


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